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Generation Rx, SSRI's & Happy Pills

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Dec. 15th, 2009 | 02:43 pm
music: White Lies - To Lose My Life

Filmmaker Kevin P. Miller joins Red Ice Radio to talk about his film "Generation Rx". The drugging of our children with SSRI drugs, "Happy Pills", Psychotropic Drugs, Antidepressants, Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, the Effects on the Developing Brain and some of the Consequences of going on this "Medication"

Topics Discussed: ADHD, Kurt Vonnegut, Psychiatric Illnesses, Speed, 374% Increase, Pharmaceutical Companies, CHAAD, Doctors Indoctrinated? Vaccinations, Diet and Health, Natural Remedies, the Curriculum, Regulations, Baxter International, H1N1, Petrochemical Companies, Anti Depressants, SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor), Chemical Imbalance, What happens to the Brain? Brain Development, Brain Shrinkage, Memory Slipping, Muted Emotions, Anti Psychotic Drugs, Relationship to Depression, Diet, Solutions, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, DSM Panel, Psychiatry and Psychology, There is no Talk Therapy Anymore, Henry Miller, Truth and much more.

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